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Hi, I'm Maria

New York Based Licensed Psychotherapist & Clinical Consultant

Online therapy for residents of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts & Florida.

Concordia Therapy LCSW,PLLC is here to help you restore peace and wholeness in your life and relationships through an anti-oppressive, culturally sensitive and incredibly honest framework.

I utilize an integrative approach to help you create intimacy in your relationships, implement boundaries, and build resilience. My clients feel more grounded and self-assured as a result of our work together. Bautista Therapy

Image of Maria Bautista, LCSW
Image by Colton Duke

How can I help you?

I offer a range of services focused on helping you Grow through what you Go through.

- Individual Therapy

- Couples Therapy

- Teletherapy

- Clinical Supervision

- Consulting

- Speaking Engagements

"Success is to be in peace and harmony with yourself, enjoying the moment."


-- Guadalupe "Pita" Betancourt

Image by Mariam Soliman
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